The Art of Letting Go


For someone who is just starting to take Yoga seriously, the first step is almost always the same : Meditation.
And while meditating is what builds a strong foundation, it is not easy to master.


Simple. Because we cannot let go.

Of our past. Of the dreams, mistakes, hopes and fears.

Of things unsaid. Of roads not tread.

Of the constant ticking of the hands on the wall clock. Of the daily routine we are so used to.

Of over-thinking and over-analyzing everything.

Of simply failing to be in the moment.

In order to connect to our spirituality with the medium of meditation, it is essential to be able to disconnect from our surroundings every once in a while and just enjoy the moment. This should be put into practice not only as a preparation for meditation, but also on a regular basis, in order to free our minds from the shackles it has been long stuck in.
Once that is achieved, the rest follows!

Of course, it is much easier said than done. But there is no art in this world that cannot be perfected with practice.

So take a deep breath, feel the fresh breeze around you, and just let go!

– J

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  1. the meditation that I was taught in ‘1972 was as effortless as breathing. It has never been difficult to meditate. Good writing however. Message is clear. One is reminded of monkey catcher device

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  2. So hard to leave the past behind! The fear and the unknown keeps us back sometimes. Meditation is something i have started many times but never followed for a long time and i think i never will.


  3. Letting go essential but so hard sometimes! Thank you for a good post and reminder. I’m still learning to let the past go. I think there has been some improvement during past year but I could do even better.


  4. i don’t really meditate but i am trying to learn to let things go and live in the now instead of worrying about things, it’s difficult but i’m getting there 🙂


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